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Friday, January 21, 2011

My 2011 Resolutions: (Cycle one)

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OK...I might be dreaming, but in my dreams I believe I have active readers enjoying my posts, but they're just not commenting...(hint hint)& these same faithful readers have been waiting for me to, finally, post my resolutions...(hey, I can dream--it'll happen!)

So just for them...Here they are:

I resolve; with the help of God's Grace...and the power of His Spirit, to follow through on the following resolutions:

I Resolve: (The Tangible)

** To complete a "90 Day Lifestyle Makeover" (my name for it) Remember what I said abut smaller increments? It is my intention to do this 4 times this year.(Dr. Cindy Trimm says: 30 Days is a Habit 60 days is a discipline 90 Days is a Lifestyle, hence why I chose this name and time frame)

** To exercise at least 10-15mins everyday, even if its walking in place "Leslie Sansone style" (don't laugh, it helps)

** To do something creative 30 minutes EVERYDAY, whether it be sewing, crafting, writing poetry, posting on this blog or painting! EVERY DAY!

** To keep myself and my children on a chore schedule so that our home is clean and tidy --everyday

** To post on this blog at least 4x a month

** To completely overhaul my Etsy shop( and to add as much inventory as can be shipped

** To be more diligent about writing to my brother and keeping in touch with my family and friends by writing my brother once a month and calling other family members once a month.

** To create a weekly schedule for my kids and I to be able to spend more quality time together and less time disconnected from one another in front of the TV and/or computers

I Resolve: (The Intangible)

** To laugh at least one time every day

** To make someone smile every day-- even if its my own children

** To overcome procrastination by "just doing it" every chance I get and not putting stuff off

These aren't all of them, but these are the main ones... feel free to check up me and my progress. I would still love to hear some of yours...

As always...
Be blessed

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