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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Life on Purpose...

There is a difference between a life with a purpose and a life lived on purpose. Every life has a purpose, but there are those that grab a hold of their purpose and “go boldly forth”. There are those that spend the time searching within themselves and searching the heart of God just to know…Lord what did you create me to do…and then they make it their day to day business to pursue that path and they don’t stop until they get there.

For those that live a life "on purpose" it does not end when they’ve achieved a goal or have seen a vision come to fruition…no they simply seek God once again to find out what the new mission is and possibly their new purpose.

Living a life purpose- full -ly requires flexibility and sacrifice and a willingness to accept change, but most of all it requires determination and unyielding focus. All too often the average person gives up just before accomplishing the very goal they were working to achieve.

However, those that live life on purpose are not average people… they are our leaders, whether it be in the home, the workplace or our places of worship. They are our visionaries and inventors. It is because of them and through them we can see our futures as brighter and worth living.

So let us rejoice EVERY time a person has made the choice to live life on purpose. Let us celebrate their achievements and let us not lament if our choice was not to live purposefully- because its never too late – instead let them be a beacon to the rest of us, a shining light, and example to Go Boldly Forth! and find a purpose of our own!

Good luck on your journey
& Be Blessed

Oh! Check out this video if you need further inspiration: Blind woman Quilter

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