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Tuesday, July 14, 2015


This is "part three", if you will, to the poem "SHE"

"I am, She"

I am She
that will fall to her knees
and worship Him
I will wash His feet with my tears
&; dry them with my hair
amidst the stares and glares
of judging eyes
wanting to pry into my history

but my life & fallen years
are no mystery
to Him
me -Broken,
    yet, He redeemed me
with arms open
    He received me
I was unclean
   But still, He esteemed me
&; From my burdens...
   He relieved me
Then took them all as His own

& Each tear that I shed
is for the punishment
I should have borne
but He took on instead

So go ahead
&; list each one of my transgressions
you see them as faults
I see them as lessons
As you, snicker stare
and making snide remarks,
with piercing eyes like shooting darts
I will continue
to pour out my heart
on my knees
washing His feet
because HE sees
                     I love Him....