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Thursday, August 25, 2005

POETRY - Poets Inspire Poets...

How smooth is this?
(inspired by “How Smooth am I?” by Allen “The Chef”)

How smooth, smooth, smooth am I….
How smooth, smooth, smooth am I….
How smooth, smooth, smooth am I….

How smooth am I?...So smooth I’m slick…

Slicker than any slickster
The former mistress of the ultimate trickster
I learned much
From my former Mr.
So now I bring wisdom
so no one else can trick ya

I know all the tricks
From every Mick and Nick
I’m not your average chick
Or some local hick
& just because I’m thick
don’t think I’m quick

I’m just smoother than smooth
So smooth
I’m slick!

©Aida Correa 2005

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

POETRY - Beautiful Orchid

Beautiful Orchid

Exotic Wild flower
lips bright red, hot
reminding you of sandy beaches
& exotic places

Slowly she moves
sashaying across the floor
as if ancient drums
ordered her footsteps

You watch her
who is this beautiful orchid-
And is she ready
to be plucked?

©Aida Correa 2005

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©Aida Correa 2005

Monday, August 22, 2005

POETRY - "I am the Woman"

I am the Woman

I am the woman
that for the last year has done her best to love you
but you're so steeped in your own mess
That I neva kno when the next test
of my love is coming
and I'm not running...

but I am running out of steam

because we were supposed to be a team
but when all is said and done
we're a team of one

see...I am your one woman RA-RA section
not to mention
I'm still on the court holding the ball
I try to throw it back but you react
As if to say you don't want to play anyway
and when I try to walk away
you convince me to stay
saying "baby -you know how it is when you get busy"
my head gets dizzy...
so I resign one more time
to love this love of mine
but inevitably
it's clear to see
that this love requires more energy
than is in me

©Aida Correa 2005

Saturday, August 06, 2005

POETRY - No more waiting...


Why would he want to?
To risk a fight?
To listen to the sound of indifference
From the one who professes
love and caring?

To risk the feeling that comes
When silence becomes…

Why should he call?
When he no longer feels he knows
The woman on the other end?

©Aida Correa 2003

Monday, August 01, 2005

POETRY - "The Wrenn"

The Wrenn

Soft and sexy kisses
Remind me of times
When I was almost
Your Mrs.
Wrapped in
Sweet and Joyful splendor
Days filled with laughter
Nights, so tender
Talking about everything
Building ‘til the day

we exchange wedding rings

I was your ma
And you was my papi
Side by side
Couldn’t nuthin’ stop me
I felt like
The invincible one
Standing there in the light
Of your sun

& I knew I was with a king, alright
- I felt it every time
We took it down for the night

©Aida Correa 2005