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Sunday, June 16, 2013

POEM: " You Don't Have To"

This poem is dedicated to ALL of fathers... Present ones, absent ones, step ones, volunteer ones, adopted ones and even those drafted into fatherhood... kicking and screaming...if you've ever struggled on know what to do...this poem was created just for you...

You don't have to be a comedian
To make your children smile
You don't have to be a designer
To share your sense of style
You dont have to be the smartest
To hand your kids a book
You don't  have to be disciplined
To set them straight with "that look"
You dont have to be a pilot
To teach them how to fly
You just have to do your part
And here's the reason why:

See fathers are a part 
Of God's most perfect plan
Mothers can nurture a tree
But a fathers strength makes it stand
you don't have to be a gardener
To help your children grow
& You don't have to know Everything
just teach them what you know
You don't have to be a genius 
to tell your kids "you're smart"
Being  a father isn't about being impressive
It's about sharing from the heart

You don't have to be a millionaire
To help supply their needs
Remember God creates the giant oak
From one little acorn seed
you don't have to perfect
They'll take you, blemished and scarred
kids tend to see past all that
They'll love you the way you are
You don't have to be "worlds greatest"
I promise, just come as you are
No matter what you're working with
To them you're a "superstar"
In truth...
You don't have to give support
Or even spend time with your kids
Really don't even  have to be there
But they'll be glad you did

Copyright Aida Correa 2011