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Saturday, January 01, 2011

My Resolve...

It's no secret that I, like many others, have a problem with keeping up with my own New Year's resolutions. Truth is, I gave up making resolutions years ago. I would say my only resolution is 'to do my best'. Noble as it may sound-- it's really a cop out and a resolution that, truthfully, doesn't work. I'll explain why in a minute...

Ok, maybe like me, many of you, my dear readers, fall short of following through with your resolutions and maybe like me you are tempted to give up on the idea of creating any new ones, but before you do let me propose an idea to you...

What if making a resolution isn't as much as setting a goal and achieving it, as it is about the fact that you set the goal in the first place - "setting the pace", if you will, giving you something to aim for - even if you don't complete it, at least you started. That's why my resolution of doing my best doesn't work. It doesn't give me a goal to strive for, it doesn't even give me a reference point-- best? as in, better than what?

I know it can be discouraging to begin a thing and not finish, but if you can just start..just begin - that itself is an achievement. So what if its the same goal year after year (Scripture says "the race is not given to the swift, but to he that endures)just the fact that it's on your mind so much may motivate you one day to actually complete it. Make that resolution so much that you get so tired of seeing it you make the final decision to see it through! You never know it may get addicting and before you know it - you may do it every year!

But...Whoa! Before you going running head first into the new year with every resolution you have ever made in tow...I've compiled a little list of my own that I hope will help you and me, too,to set some realistic goals. I'm also offering to post my own list of resolutions with an invitation to not only track my progress (or lack thereof), but to share yours and so we can encourage and inspire each other. That my friends is a really tall order since I do not like to type, but for those willing to take on the challenge I'm willing to try!

So - as for setting resolutions - may I suggest -

#1 - Start small - yes you may want to lose 50 pounds or reorganize your whole house, but how about if you start with 10 pounds and reorganizing the family room and hall closet. There's no law saying you have to wait until New Year's day to make a resolution, you can always add more resolutions later in the year if you happen to complete the smaller ones.

#2 - Make sure your resolutions are your own and not what you THINK you should be doing - or worse, what some else thinks you should be doing. Make sure you are not comparing your goals or desires against anyone else either - own your own stuff -nothing will strengthen your resolve more.

#3 - Less is more ...along the lines of tip number 1...don't make your goals too lofty or have too many...maybe one in each area or your life or how about two major ones - you really can add more later(get the hint?)

#4 - Write them out and post them! If you don't want to post them, then, at the very least, write them out and put them somewhere you can access them. Believe me even if you just write them out that's a big step toward making it real in your subconscious. I can't tell you how many times I've wrote a list of goals and forgot about them only to find my list at a later date and was still able to cross some things off as completed, but a word of caution, this is the "hit or miss" method and not the most effective -- we're going for effective here.

#5 SHARE (and...don't share) -- share only with those people you are absolutely sure will support your decisions and won't take the "wind out of your sails"...also dont share with too many people even if they will all be supportive of you or you will take the "wind out of your own sails". There have been studies that show just the act of sharing a goal can give you the feeling of satisfaction of completing the goal - we don't want that - we want the real thing!

#6 Make some "intangible" goals - I know it sounds counter to what I said initially but I'm not talking about some vague goals or blanket statements. what I'm talking about here are things you can't see, touch hold or measure other than in the way you feel or the way it makes others I will make an effort to laugh everyday or I will try to make just one person smile everyday...

Finally -- #7 -Take your resolve serious, but be easy on the results. Let's face it - you can't achieve something if you don't focus and take it seriously. We've all seen the results of that at some point in our lives I'm sure, but the truth is life happens and in the end we're human. I'm not giving you an out..I'm just saying if it doesn't pan out -- dust yourself off and try again...and keep trying till it's done, but do it without remorse, regret or condemnation - Just keep going. (remember that race?)

and remember you are not alone in this... many have tried and failed and many have tried and won!

Either way...
Be Blessed

by the way -- I will be posting my resolutions..I'm just doing some editing myself...

PS - they're ready find them here

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