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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

POETRY - "Go Boldly Forth"

Go Boldly Forth

There comes a time
When another self- help book
Will be inept
When positive affirmations
From feel-good gurus
Will have no effect
When another
“you can do it”
Just won’t do
Because now its time
For you
To do for YOU
Take the advice
You have gleaned
through the years
and the experience
you have gathered
beyond the tears
and GO Boldly Forth!!
Just do your thing
Raise yourself up
Let them hear YOU sing!
GO Boldly Forth, now!!
Don’t be shy
It’s Your time, now
DO or Die!
No more sleeping
Time passed while you slept
But reality promises
Your dreams are kept
Go Boldly forth now
It’s your time to shine
You’ve got the power
And it’s about time!!

©Aida Correa 2001

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