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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

POETRY - Daydream ..


When was the last time
I laid out on a carpet of grass
To inhale the fresh breeze
or to stop and look up at the clouds?


Stopping to stare up at the clouds
doesn’t come as easy as it used to
too many distractions on the earth
to take the time to look at the sky

the “mommy can you”s
and the “honey will you”s
distract me from my daydreams
then there’s the bosses lists
the grocery lists

the laundry piles
and the don’t forget this
and then all of the cooking and the cleaning
oh and don’t forget the bills!

But once…
Just as I was running to catch a train
God caught me instead

Because there before me was the most beautiful sky
I had ever seen
And I had no choice
But to stop
And stare
And daydream…

©Aida Correa 1993

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