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Monday, October 10, 2005

Poetry - A Gift - For the Love of Love & Salsa

**the following was a gift from a talented poet and writer...
Thank you..wherever you are

that is why I love to dance...

it forces two strangers
to face each other at close quarters
and at least on the level of motion
become one without instruction
without words
she is lead by subtle changes in my grasp of her hand
by the direction and flow of my body
hers is the most difficult role to learn
she receives direction from someone she has never met
and his is less difficult
he can impulsively guide her to where he wants her to be
but before he can be rewarded for that captainship
he has to learn the responsibility that comes with it
she is looking over his shoulder
and he over hers
facing each other
he must see what is behind her
and since he is the leader
must protect them both from collision
by guiding her into a safe space
and she must trust him to do that
and the result is
beauty and harmony in motion

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