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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Gift Giving tips: Part II

Gift-giving Part II

Give a gift of the Heart:
Eccl 11:1, Proverbs: 16:24

No cost:

Write a song or a poem – no matter how corny it may sound to you – it will be special to the other person
Write a letter – WRITE a letter – email is only acceptable in this case if there is no other way for the person to receive the letter, except via email.
Make it personal
Do it in your own handwriting – even if it stinks – if it's illegible, even to you, then and only then, can you type the letter, but it must be printed - then sent
Don't just write a 3 line note – make it a letter that conveys your true feelings for the person
Make it about blessing the person with your love – no venting or bringing up old hurts
tell this person how much you love them/ care about them and /or appreciate them being in you life and why.
Add a prayer or a blessing just for them that they can read over and over.
Or tell them all the things you'd love to buy them if you had the money
Add a “picture Wish list”(optional)
Place it in a pretty envelope and put in a box...present it as a gift...don't just hand it to them.

Make a “Picture Wish List” - taking old(or new) magazines make a collage of all the things that you would get the person if you had the money – nothing is too big or too small! Glue them onto a sheet of paper(or more). Add stickers and or cut out words and phrases from the magazine (or add your own). Once its dry -fold neatly & fit it into a card or a can sprinkle the inside of your folded paper with glitter for more effect when they open it. Place a note card on top for them to read before they open their “gift” that says something like “If this world were mine...” or “If I were a rich man...I 'd give you...” etc... be creative!

No cost to low cost:

~Make a special music CD – be mindful of the music you choose
~Find out what their interests are and buy them a magazine subscription
~But them a gift certificate to their favorite store or restaurant (any amount)
~Buy them a book on their favorite subject
~put together a “theme basket” or mug - with inexpensive items
~Is there something you own you know they would really like? Consider parting with it...remember to do it cheerfully and without regret – once you give it – it's theirs!

Give a gift of Your Time:

I John 3:18

No cost to low cost:
An elderly family member in a nursing home
A friend or family member in need of help cleaning garage or painting room
A single mom (or a couple) in need of a babysitter from time to time
A loved one with no transportation in need of a ride
Someone you know that's incarcerated and could use visitors
Be creative... look around see where your time would be a better use of your efforts, especially if you have no money

When giving this kind of gift remember:

This is a GIFT... no strings attached
If you really don't want to do a chore and you know you aren't going to follow through then don't offer it.
Be a person of your word – if you gave the offer – then follow though with it
Create a “Coupon” - don't just tell them their gift, create a pretty certificate or coupon and present them with it
Be sure the coupon or presentation is clear on any limitations: such as not on Fridays or Sundays during church hours, only good for x amount of hours and to used by, etc... be specific... you want this to be enjoyable for all parties involved!
after presenting the gift - try to sit and nail down an exact time and day that's good for all parties involved
Be sure to mark your calendar and follow through!
Don't wait for the receiver to contact you or remind you! You call them to confirm or better yet show up ready as promised! This YOUR gift to Them!

Give a gift of Your Talents

Do you have a gift or a talent that another person could benefit from? Maybe it's something
they need, could use or would love to learn? (Lessons, consultations, workshops, etc. can be expensive – your expertise is valuable)

The same principles as above go for this type of gift, as well. Be sure that you include all that is and is NOT included in your gift...and the duration of the gift
Remember the “longer” the gift goes for - the greater the value
Some examples of great talents to share: Sewing, art, knitting/crocheting, massage, spa, cooking, cosmetology, photography, Financial, Legal services, etc...

Give a gift of ”Filling a Need”

low – high:

Very similar to the above gifts, except that instead of fulfilling a need with your time – you opt instead to fill the need with your resources – especially financial. Instead of buying a gift consider:

Paying a bill for a month or more
Investing in a friend's business – a little or a lot every bit counts(If you can not “invest” in their business – BUY something from them to give as a gift to someone else... )
Take someone shopping: what do they need?
Food? (You can do this with food-stamps)
Household goods? - Toiletries?

Be Creative...and thoughtful...remember these are people you care about

Be Blessed
Part III - Below...

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