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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Gift-Giving - Part III

Gift-Giving Part III

Give a gift of ”Food”

No cost to high cost:

A little different from going shopping for a person (or taking them shopping for groceries)

~Bake a batch of Cookies or a cake and wrap it up pretty or place in inexpensive airtight containers. Now they are so inexpensive you can give them to a person without the hopes of getting your container back

~In a clear jar: layer the ingredients to your favorite cake or cookie recipe so it makes pretty layers – ex. one layer of flour, one layer of brown sugar, another layer of flour, one layer of chocolate chips, one layer of sugar. **Be sure that the layers are the exact amounts needed for the recipe so that all the recipient has to do is pour the mixture into a bowl and add any additional liquid ingredients( such as eggs or milk etc) to make the baked goodies. Make sure it’s packed in tightly and wrap the top with a layer of pretty fabric and a ribbon bow. Be sure to include the recipe and instructions!

~Fruit Baskets & “Gourmet” Baskets make nice gifts for large families. They are fairly inexpensive to but at the store but even less expensive to make yourself.
Consider collecting all of the families recipes and making them into a cookbook – In this way you’re giving “History” and Food.

Give a gift of ”History”

No cost to high cost:

Consider how many of the older people in your family are getting on in years, think of how many years of history and memories that could be shared with the younger generation would be lost if someone doesn’t take the time to jot down those memories now!

Ok- for this you’re going to need a bunch of dedicated family members, preferably the patient ones with good handwriting or just patient enough to sit and listen and ask questions.

You will need:

~A pad (or a voice recorder – with extra tapes) – You may also want to consider using a video camera

~A list of questions to ask -you can find lots of books on the subject or find sites online with helpful suggestions
People willing to transcribe the information into a word processing program – simply put: someone willing to type it all up into the computer

With no budget:
Send it via email

low budget:
Print out onto paper – punch holes and keep in a binder or make several for family members

Mid to high Budget:
Make into actual books. There are several online programs to help you put your ideas into bound books…Also consider scanning pictures and adding them to your book(s)

Give a gift of ”Nostalgia”

Remember all those old memories you shared with your family coming up? How many of your cousins now live in other parts of the country or the world, even? How about scanning all those pictures you (or your mama) have of all those memories and posting them online to share with other family members. Each of the other members can do the same for you - if your budget really allows, you can even print them out to share, as well.

Give a gift of ”Creativity”

Low to high

~Make something with your own hands – don’t worry if it’s not perfect just make it with love

~Buy something from an “Indie shop” – every city has independent shop owners with artisans that can use your support. If not there are plant of great artisans online to choose from

~Make a Craft box filled with lots of crafty goodies for the family to share and make together!

Give a gift of Family Time

~Buy a game board for the family to play together

~Buy a game console with games the whole family can play – the great thing about the Wii is that anyone can play it

~Start a new family tradition and make it personal for your family like sharing every Christmas Eve at grandmas house

Give a gift of New Memories

Just like sharing Christmas Eve together every year, consider- instead of gifts – the gift of new memories for example:

~Instead of spending the money on toys - take the family to Disneyworld for a week or visit a family or friend that lives out of state. Be sure to set-up the accommodations ahead of time. When you get there- be a tourist- not a couch potato!

~Consider spending the month going to all the movies that come out for the holidays or rent holiday videos all month long and watch them with the kids

~Make gifts together everyday until Christmas

~Or instead of giving gifts for Christmas – give gifts on the Epiphany Jan 6th


Dollar General

Hobby Lobby**
**lots of great stuff to make or use with your projects, plus knowledgeable staff & free craft sheets for ideas

Too many blogs and craft sites to mention, but type in craft blogs into your search engine and have fun!

Some of my favorites are:

for some indie shops online:

check me out at

Pictures and books: ++ ++ **
**Unlimited picture storage
++Website that helps you create your own “picture books”

Hope you got a lot of new ideas about gift giving!
Be Blessed!
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