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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

One Day

How did you start your day today? Was it a lazy breezy slow wake, the kind where your internal clock tells you its time to get up and start your day or was it alarm going; you jumping up and running about preparing yourself to face yet another day? Maybe it was some variation of the two…

Either way, did you stop and say thank you? Thank you God or Great universe or whatever you call the Creator/Light? Thank you, I'm here & thank you for – you fill in the blanks. Don't think you can? At the very least remember a new day is a new chance to try again, to make today better, to fix the mistakes to right the wrongs or at least to breath and if you're reading this blog –see.

It only takes one day to change your life – for the good or the bad – just one day. Really if you want to get technical – one moment -can change everything. Just ask anyone that has lost a loved one or was in a car accident or got some news today- the kind of news that lets you know your life will never be the same- like winning the lottery.

What if you knew today would be your last…I'm sure you would approach it differently. Maybe you would take more time to tell your family you love them or maybe you would seek to know God a little better…knowing this would be your last day on earth, you might want to be in closer contact with your creator. Maybe you would wear that outfit you've been wanting to wear, but haven't dared because …(insert list here). Maybe knowing that today it will all change, might change your mind about a lot of things.

I'm not saying you should live your life in "gloom and doom" mentality, on the contrary, I'm saying you should live your life to the fullest! Stop making excuses, stop putting it off until tomorrow, stop over analyzing every minute detail out of fear of getting it wrong because tomorrow…you might not have a chance to do it at all.

I've had many life changing moments occur in my life, some good and some… not so much, but I can say that as a result I am more apt to wake up saying "thank you" - whenever I begin to forget, another moment will remind me– Hey! Be grateful!!

So be grateful for today, take chances today, say I love you, today, make that call, today – tell him/her you want them in your life, today! Because it only takes one day for it to all change…

And Always...
Be Blessed

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