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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

POETRY - "She"

Do you know her?...


Lonely days
Followed by lonelier nights
Seeking commitment in those
She knows
Can’t provide it
She’s scared too
But she tries hard to hide it

As she begins her search
For her own worth…

Longing for affection she seeks it in the wrong places
Turning to empty faces
Void of what she wants
And she flaunts
That which should be saved for another
And not given to every other
Hoping that they can’t see
that inside
she longs to be free.
Free from a life of sin
but she doesn’t spend enough time turning within.

And every time she thinks she’s found
Something sound
She realizes it’s not what she needs
So she just feeds
Off of the attention.

and when one doesn’t give her time
She goes back to last in line
But still… she feels empty inside

So she leaves feeling hurt
And wonders was it worth
the tremendous pain she feels?

So she tries hard to stay
even though it’s the same ‘ole way
She’s done things before...

She claims!
this time will be her last!
But she just can’t seem to get past
Her inner longings
and because she knows it isn’t right
so she tries feebly to fight
but, still
she just can’t seem to stop herself

Knowing that she should know better
She prays that God will let her
Get it right this time

“Oh Father”, her heart tries to shout
“help me get this spirit out”
but she feels she cries out in vain
because things appear to
remain the same
but then she calls out HIS name
until the peace comes
and they are One

©copyright 2004 Aida Correa

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