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Friday, September 09, 2005

POETRY - Sweet Confessions

No more Cookies for Me

No more cookies for me
No thank you

No more delicious
Double dipped chocolate chip
golden brownie, chocolate chunky
with Crunch on the out side & creamy middles
You know the kind that make my toes curl?
Those get me in trouble every time

No more melt in your mouth
Rainbow, Peanut butter, Sweet as sugar,
Oatmeal raisin, or claiming to be good for you pecan sandies
Now you know that’s a lie…

And don’t you try to substitute them with no vanilla wafers, either
Cause those just won’t do

No more cookies for me
No thank you

Besides…Didn’t none of them do me any good anyway

©Aida Correa 2005

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