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Sunday, September 11, 2005

POETRY - Dedicated to the Lost...

Water Rising

Water rises
As I reach my hand to the sun
Arms widely spread
Knowing my time may have come
But I’m not giving up
Not now
Not for anyone
I’ll keep fighting
Till this thing is done

Waters higher now
as I see flashes of light and fire now
And darkness hides the sun
My body’s tired
but I can see
As my spirit
Rises above the trees

All’s blackness
I will get past this
As my life flashes before me
Sounds of laughter
Either in this life
Or in the hereafter
But there is no natural disaster
that can master my spirit

caught in the currents
I remember I’ve ridden
Harder waves before
And I’ve been at death’s door
But no more
Today is my day for sure
And whether you hear my name
Whispered in your ear
Or shouted from a mountain top
Be sure that I never stopped striving
And I fought
Till the end

©Aida Correa 2005

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