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Friday, July 29, 2016

BOOK REVIEW: The Postage Stamp Garden

A while back I received a book:"The Postage Stamp Garden", by Karen Newcomb, to help me with gardening in my very small garden.  The book was free in exchange for my honest review.

Let me just say that my first reaction when I received the book was, 'Where are the pictures?' Needless to say I was disappointed. Not that I need pictures in order for me to read a book (read my other review - no pictures there, either), but when I read a book on gardening the very first thing I look forward to is perusing the pages imagining how my garden will look once I am done following the advice.  Needless to say,I did not get that pleasure with this book. There wasn't even one picture - well, there was one - the cover. However, despite my initial disappointment, I can say the book was very well written and quite informative. It did have sketches to help guide and plan my garden and it was filled with helpful tips and inspiration.

I wish that was enough to get me to move to action, though.  I planted a few things but I really didn't plant...not the way I think I would have if I had seen  the results I was striving for. I'm not giving up, though.  the book was plenty informative and very easy to follow.  A recent move to mom's house to help care for her during an illness has given me new cause to revisit my book.  While my mom's yard is not quite a postage stamp, the area I'll be using to garden is.

Wish me luck.... &

Be Blessed

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