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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

POETRY: My me is finally free

My Me is Finally Free
Mami Africana - By Aida

Coming up I had a problem with identity
Didn't know who I was or Who I wanted to be
I hid my poetry Like a mystery
Each written word revealed too much of me
But ultimately
With the truth exposed
My me is finally free

Now I wax poetically
Before a mic publicly
No longer afraid To reveal the inner me
Because my me is finally free

Yes, I had a problem with racial insecurity
but, now that's behind me
I know my skin's the perfect blend of ethnic diversity
African, Indian & European
I am not them, but they are me
And I claim them all
With total security
Because my me is finally free

I walk with sway in my hips
Ever so gently
My full-figure represents
Mother nature's perfect fertility
My hands are the tools of Gods creativity
I am the embodiment of all femininity
Because my me is finally free

See, I might blow your mind
With my extensive vocabulary
and just ‘cause I'm silly sometimes
don't think I don't know my ABC's
My voice represents the His ultimate victory
So now I speak without apology
MY me…Is finally…free

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