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Friday, October 27, 2006

POETRY - How Beauty-Full

How Beauty-Full

Hearts lay broken

Beside minds

Twisted and contorted by a society,

Lead by a leader,

Bent on its destruction…

But I, I keep my head up

Unable to see

the devastation

that lies before me

& when I hear the sound

of God's voice saying - "Look Down"

all I see is Beauty

You, you are beauty to me

Through God's eyes I see your life

In infinite possibilities

and limitless probabilities

and your beauty

though blocked by the wreckage

is no less a part of you than my own appendage

and I can no more remove my own hand

than I can remove water from the land

or your beauty from where you stand

so in the midst of the muck and mire

created by this band of liars

I see you…

& You, you are beauty from its roots

And from you emanates the light

of God's everlasting truth

and I, I am blessed to stand before it's glory

knowing that seeming end is only the beginning

of your eternal story

so remember…

no matter what the rest of this dying world sees

you will always be

living beauty to me

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