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Monday, August 22, 2005

POETRY - "I am the Woman"

I am the Woman

I am the woman
that for the last year has done her best to love you
but you're so steeped in your own mess
That I neva kno when the next test
of my love is coming
and I'm not running...

but I am running out of steam

because we were supposed to be a team
but when all is said and done
we're a team of one

see...I am your one woman RA-RA section
not to mention
I'm still on the court holding the ball
I try to throw it back but you react
As if to say you don't want to play anyway
and when I try to walk away
you convince me to stay
saying "baby -you know how it is when you get busy"
my head gets dizzy...
so I resign one more time
to love this love of mine
but inevitably
it's clear to see
that this love requires more energy
than is in me

©Aida Correa 2005

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